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Order Details

Please note that due to the perishable nature of my dishes, I do not accept cancellation requests or returns. All dishes are prepared fresh and then quickly packaged and shipped in loose packaging, with all pertinent labeling required for CBD infused food items.


Shipping costs are a bugger, but unavoidable if we want to maintain optimum freshness with our edible shipments. Herbal Gourmet’s goal is to bake and ship your edibles the same day but can’t guarantee it. We ship from Monday through Friday. Sometimes Friday deliveries don’t go out the same day for whatever reason, so heads up. I prefer to stick with either USPS Priority Express, with a 1-3 day delivery time, or premium shippers like FedEx and UPS which can vary in pricing. Once you place your order, you’ll have a chance to take a look at what shipment option works best for you.


My highest priority is to help you discover the significant therapeutic attributes of CBD through delicious home-style edibles made of incomparable quality and taste. If you have any questions, please contact me at .


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